Those who helped at " British Rare Breeds on Parade!"

Friday June 20th to Sunday June 22nd 2003

Event Coordinator – Victoria Tollman

Clive and Sue
Sandi Grenier
Judges and helpers at orientation
Judges: Clive Richardson & Sue Millard

Show Secretary/Treasurer – Victoria Tollman
Ring Steward – Deb Stregal
Gatekeeper – Sandi Grenier
Show Announcer – Christine Robinson, Fell Pony Society
Soundman – Jen Foster
Show Photographer – Laura Hart

Stable Manager – Sandi Grenier

Exhibit Hall & Hospitality Manager – Debbie Foley

Parade Manager – Victoria Tollman
Town Criers – Victoria Tollman, Sarah Selby
11 Parade walkers (supplied by exhibitors)

Breed Demo Manager – Victoria Tollman
Narrator: Laura Hart

Clinic Manager – Allison Wolff
Clinicians: Chuck Bassett, Dr. Gus Cothran, Sue Millard, Clive Richardson

Media Volunteers
Event Photographer – Laura Hart
Event Video Taping – Debbie Foley

Volunteers Coordinated by: The Fell Pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas
Chief Volunteer Coordinator: Laura Hart

Volunteer Rovers:
Danielle Foley
Jenifer Foster
Jan Wolff
Janice and Hunter Hensley
Dennis Rich – with Carriage Association of America

Laura Hart
Assistant Event Coordinator – Laura Hart
Allison Wolff, show managerShow Manager – Allison Wolff

Exhibitors and helpers at orientation

Clinic audience: exhibitors and volunteers get to sit down for once!

The final words of thanks to all participants came from Victoria Tollman, who organised the event together with Laura Hart and Allison Wolff. It was due entirely to their energy and dedication that this unique event took place and proved so satisfactory to all concerned.

Here's an example of the organisers' thoroughness - after clearing out the last of the Big Barn stalls on Monday!