“British Rare Breeds On Parade!”

June 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2003
at the Kentucky Horse Park

ALBC was invited by the Kentucky Horse Park to put on a three-day exhibition of British rare breeds of equines in conjunction with the Park’s International Museum of the Horse, to complement their 2003 international exhibit, “All the Queen’s Horses” – a multi-million dollar international exhibition of art and artifacts exploring the rich equestrian heritage of England, Scotland and Wales. This highly successful three-day exhibition, run by Victoria Tollman, Laura Hart and Allison Wolff with many volunteers, promoted rare British breeds with an emphasis on education and conservation.

Five horse and five pony rare breeds were represented:

Cleveland Bay (critical)
Clydesdale (watch)
Hackney Horse (rare)
Shire (watch)
Suffolk (critical)

Dales (study)
Dartmoor (rare)
Exmoor (critical)
Fell (rare)
Highland (globally rare)

These breeds were on exhibit in the Kentucky Horse Park’s historic “Big Barn” built in 1897, one of the largest wooden barns in North America.

This rare collection of equines was also highlighted in the Park’s Breeds Barn Arena and the Hall of Champions with parades, clinics and demonstrations beginning with an Instructional British Rare Breed show “open competition” on Friday, June 20th judged by two well-known British judges and authors, Clive Richardson and Sue Millard.

historic wooden barn

ALBC presided over a three-day exhibition schedule designed to promote rare British breeds with an emphasis on education and conservation. Co-ordination of Event Staff and Volunteers was provided by The Fell Pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas.