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May 2013 - Pirene's Fountain selects "Basil Leaves" from previous issues to be included in its anthology coming out later this year from Glass Lyre Press.

March 2013 - Prole Books emailed to say they look forward to bringing out the Naomi poems, "Ash Tree" as a pamphlet in August this year.

March 2013 - I performed - I can hardly call it a poem, more like a dirty ditty - at Words By The Water at Keswick. I thoroughly enjoyed helping to launch issue 2 of The Fire Crane from New Writing Cumbria with "The Farmer's Rainbow."

October 2012 - New Writing Cumbria features "Missing", one of the Naomi poems from the pamphlet "Ash Tree" as a NWC Weekly Poem.

"Galloway Gate" was presented as a half-hour film on 13th and 14th July 2012 in Show Case (AKA the Soup Shop) in Devonshire Arcade, Penrith. The film ran as a loop on a large screen TV.

Prole Magazine accepted one of the Naomi poems, "Ash Tree" for Issue 7, 2012 .

The Interpreter's House accepted one of the Naomi poems, "Pink", for Issue 49, February 2012, and Candlestick Press have asked to reprint it in a forthcoming pamphlet of readings for funerals.

Pennine Platform accepted two of the Naomi poems, "Magnetic Variation" and "Solstice," Autumn 2011.

PROLE magazine placed "Godless" as runner-up in its annual Prole Laureate poetry competition 2011.

PROLE magazine issue 3 accepted "Wings" and "Peripheral Vision" for December 2010.

Lighten Up Online accepted "Cat-a-Strophe" for the December 2010 issue.

PROLE magazine issue 1 accepted "Just a Sip" and "Wild Strawberries" for April 2010.

Snakeskin magazine accepted "Cueing up" (see link below) in January 2010.

Lighten Up Online accepted "Mr Shakespeare's Thanks for a Sat-Nav System" (see link below) in December 2009.

Pirene's Fountain has accepted several of my efforts, and "Identity Crisis" made the shortlist of 5 for its Editor's award 2008.

In poetry competitions so far, long-listing in the Plough Prize 2009, short-listing ditto in 2008, and long-listing in the Virginia Warbey Poetry prize 2007, are as close as I've got to success.

Less seriously:

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